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the tanalink solution

Trust changes everything.
Trust your data. Trust your people. Trust your decisions.

Tanalink understands planters' problems.

Fertilising problems

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No ability to track fertilising progress means fertiliser may not be applied uniformly resulting in under developed crops or fruits.

With Tanalink

Fertilising progress is tracked in real time for 100% coverage means fully developed crops and higher made yield.

Crop not harvested problems



No ability to track harvesting paths means missed crops left unharvested on trees.

With Tanalink

Harvester paths and progress tracked in real time for 100% coverage means no ripe crop left rotting on trees.

Harvested crop not evacuated problems



No ability to reconcile harvester and grabber paths means cut crops left in the field and never collected.

With Tanalink

Grabber paths reconciled against harvester paths in real time for 100% evacuation coverage means no cut crops left in-field and higher taken yield.

Harvesting interval problems



No ability to compare harvesting progress against interval plan means operational inefficiencies and harvesting not meeting monthly targets.

With Tanalink

Workers’ progress tracked against interval plans to make on-the-fly decisions to optimise your workforce and meet targets, and continually improve interval plans and forecasts.

How it works

In-field workers use
The Tanaloxx.


Purpose-built, industry-validated data logger that tracks every plantation resource in real-time. 

Real-time data without
Internet / GSM connectivity. 

Simple, robust device built for all weather, rugged use. 

Built to mirror existing plantation operational processes. 

Monitor in near real-time everything that is happening on the estate. 

Make on-the-fly operational decisions based on real data to meet targets. 

Understand production & operational flows in-field and communicate with your team. 

View alerts, advanced analytics, and reports for effective operations planning.

Management uses the EARS dashboard. 

Monitor your estate operations and understand who, what, where, and when your teams are working.


We turn your estate into a connected plantation in one day with our
Plantation In a Box

Bringing all the separate components into 1 cohesive offering that can be deployed in 1 day.

Box 1: The Essentials

Everything you need to get started!

- Tanaloxx Data Loggers
- Charging Stations
- Indoor Communication Gateway
- Power Backup
- Network Equipment


Box 2: Outdoor

Sensors and Tanaloxx data in
real time.

- Telescopic Mast
- Outdoor Gateway
- Weather Station
- Radio Backhaul


Box 3: Off-grid Power

Ensuring EARS is always online!

- Solar Panels
- Inverters
- Battery Packs
- Power Monitoring

Tanalink in action

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